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Feijoada Recipe

Feijoada is one of the typical dishes of Brazilian cuisine. It is made from a mixture of black beans, several types of pork, beef meat and sausage.

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Delicious Soft Bread Recipe

A good homemade bread recipe is an excellent option for afternoon tea, this is also a very nice entree option for your main meal

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Chicken Soup - Cangee Recipe

One of the most traditional Brazilian recipes, chicken soup is delicious and it is comforting on cold day

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Food Articles

Click here to see the latest food articles, all information related to food e recipes ...

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Food Related Books    

Mr Cook posted a selection of my favourite books, have a look here...

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Restaurants Around The World

Mr Cook just compiled a list of his favourite restaurants around Australia, Mr Cook also complied a list of his favourite Brazilian restaurants in Australia

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Our Website Optimized For the iPhone

Our website designed specifically for the iPhone is now ready, click on the link above or below. Click below to see Mr Cook Recipes on the smart phones

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Today's Hot

Mr Cook Deserts Recipes Selection

Here you will find a great selection of deserts recipes created by Mr Cook, browse it below and enjoy the recipes 

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Italian Recipes by Mr Cook

Wonderful recipes from the Italian cosine, come and check it out

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Gluten Free Recipes

For those who cannot eat gluten (ceoliacs) or for those who simply choose to not to eat gluten.

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Mr Cook Drinks Recipes

A great range of drinks to enjoy at a party or with friends, here you will find the famous Brazilian caipirinha recipe (very simple and easy to make it)  

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Mr Cook Chicken Recipes

Do you feel like chicken tonight? Come and check our chicken recipes

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Brazilian Food

Great Brazililan recipes created by Mr Cook for your enjoyment

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Mr Cook Salad Recipes

Superb salad recipes to enjoy with your mains or just by itself, come and check it out  

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Mr Cook Seafood Recipes

Fish is a great source of protein and omega-3. Here are some recipes for your enjoyment

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Soup Recipes

Let's heat up the winter with some fine soup recipes created by Mr Cook

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Please feel free to submitt you recipes via your Contact Us Form or on our Mr Cook Recipes Blog and our Mr Cook Recipes Forum

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