Recipe of Mosaic Jelly by Mr Cook


1 strawberry jelly (gelatin)
1 grape jelly (gelatin)
1 lemon jelly (gelatin)
1 red fruit jelly (gelatin)
2 pineapple jelly (gelatin)
1 can of condensed milk
1 can of cream
1 envelope unflavored jelly (gelatin)

Recipe of Mosaic Jelly by Mr Cook


Reserve the pineapple jelly.
Prepare the others jellies with 150 ml of hot water and 150 ml with cold water.
Place the jelly in a container with 2 or 3 fingers high and put in the fridge until harden. Use different containers for each flavor. Do not mix it.

Make the unflavored jelly according to the manufacturer’s information. Beat in a blender with condensed milk, cream and pineapple envelope jelly powder.
Reserve it.

Cut the other jellies that were in the fridge into small cubes. Place the jellies in a container greased with unsalted butter. Add the cream and mix it. Refrigerate until harden

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